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Hi there!  My name is Brett, and I am a mindset coach.  "What does that mean?", you might ask; or perhaps, "What can a coach do for me?".  Put simply: I partner with you to create a mental outlook that sets you up for success.  If you're ready to break free from your limitations and take the next step forward in your life, I'd love to work with you!


Coaching Programs

For Individuals

Personal Mindset Coaching

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One-on-one coaching programs designed to meet your needs. I partner with you to create action, growth, and awareness in your life while maintaining accountability along the way.

For Groups

Groups & Workshops

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Interested in having your team, project group, or organization benefit from a fully customized group coaching or workshop experience?  I can work with you to design a program that will create the value and success you're after!

Professional Speaking

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Do you need a keynote presenter or speaker at your next event?  I'd be thrilled to work with you to create a meaningful and impactful offering your audience will love!


What They're Saying

I was in search of accountability.  I have some big dreams brewing, but also some big hurdles.  Oh, and then there’s that cozy comfort zone.  I’m sure you have one too.  I’m also sure you can talk yourself in circles to justify why you’re still staying in it.

I was in search of a space where I could think big.  You know those wacky ideas that no one believes in until someone follows through?  I needed someone to constructively poke and prod at what is feasible and what needs some work and then to push me forward to actually carry them out.

I was in search of that deep dive.  What core beliefs are holding you back?  Not feeling enough?  Scared that you won’t succeed?  Family patterns, work patterns, your diehard habits that are second or third or fourth nature by now?

If you’re here reading this, I imagine you are searching too.  Brett will help you sort it out.  I found him easy to get along with from the get go, genuine, encouraging and personable.  He’s very versatile in his approaches depending on the challenge at hand.  He’s great at helping you see the patterns you’d like to talk yourself out of. He supports you to find the solutions best suited to your situation.  Handing out advice is one thing, you could get that from a video or a book.  Brett walks the path with you, cheering you on, pointing out potential pitfalls, checking in to see how far you’ve made it.  And you know when you do make it, he will be celebrating with you.  If you need that extra nudge and extra support, I highly recommend trying out a session.


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