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We define our lives through the countless stories that exist within us.  Some of these stories were written by others, though the majority have been crafted by ourselves.  It's these stories that determine our habits, behaviours, actions, and beliefs.  Many of them are positive, and serve us well; there are far more, however, that may have served us at one point, but no longer do so.  They have not only ceased to be useful, but in fact place limitations upon us which hold us back from moving forward.

Personally, I've experienced this entire spectrum.  In exploring my own stories, and learning how to change them in order to benefit my life moving forward, I've discovered a passion and drive to help others do the same.  Like many, I've encountered times when I've felt stuck, confused, jumbled, and out of place; the wonderful thing about this, however, is that we don't have to be.  The stories we carry with us may have already been written, but no matter how dry the ink might be, we carry with us the ultimate power: we are the authors of our own lives.  This means that we have the capability to re-write, erase, and begin entirely new stories about ourselves.

My role as a coach is to help you get out of your own way.  Working together, we build your self-awareness so you can discover and recognize unwanted patterns in your life.  Through clear and direct communication, a variety of exercises, and asking questions intelligently, we untangle the web of confusion and create progressive action steps so that moving from where you are to where you want to go doesn't seem as huge as it might once have.  Before you know it, you'll be accomplishing your goals, and getting excited about setting new ones!

Education and Certifications
  • Certified Coach Practitioner

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Philosophy

  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance

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