I Don't Love My Job...

Whilst a bit dramatic, the title is a very common sentimentality for people in this day and age. I can happily say that I do, in fact, love my job; though this was not always the case.

Prior to becoming a coach, I worked for nearly 10 years as an accountant (please stop eyeing the pitchforks and torches). Beyond that, the job was in our family firm -- making it even harder to admit that I really didn't love what I was doing. The opportunity was great, and the ability to help family was spectacular; however, I always felt something was missing, even after completing all those financial statements and audits (really... put those pitchforks down!...).

Taking an introspective glance, I found that I lacked fulfillment and a real sense of contribution. Sure, I was helping companies get their financial records in order, and getting a lot of work completed, but it never felt like I really made a personal impact. I've always been the type of person who put others first, and didn't feel that I was contributing enough to the well being of others through my position. It wasn't until I made the transition to coaching that I found the fulfillment and contribution that I was seeking. The best part about this? I'm not an oddity -- anyone can find what they seek in their career if they are willing to put in the effort.

So many are disaffected with their jobs, or worse, have been laid off; in both cases, a great deal of anxiety and stress about what to do is pervasive. It's these times that call for an awareness of ourselves -- an exercise in looking at what we are passionate about, what skills we have, and where we can add value. Any employer would be ecstatic to add passionate, skilled individuals with the capability of adding value to their company and clients -- but we need to do the legwork and identify these opportunities. Opening up the local 'want ad' website to find the "perfect" job that applies directly to you is not a sure thing; perhaps it takes a week, a month, or more, but eventually finding that opportunity is immensely satisfying. For many, unfortunately, that opportunity never materializes; it's in these cases that our resilience is put to the test, but also allows for something wonderful: creating the opportunity for yourself.

We live in a time where people are doing almost anything, and making a career out of it. If the vehicle to get you to where you want to go is your skills, abilities, and capability to add value, then the fuel is certainly the desire, drive, and hunger to pursue what you are passionate about. If you can do something well that adds real value to others' lives, then pursue it -- and pursue it with fervour. Creating an opportunity is not for the faint of heart, but the satisfaction of seeing it realized is immeasurably rewarding.

You may not love what you're currently doing, but don't get caught in the doldrums. Instead of focusing on the negative in your current position, consider the realization that, "I don't love my job" is the perfect time to make a change centred on positivity and personal growth; trust me -- you'll thank yourself for it!