Aaaaaaand... Action!

The first step towards something is generally regarded as the hardest. From a goal accomplishment perspective, this may not feel like the case -- there's often a lot of difficult steps along the road -- but it really is. When we make the decision to act, it requires us to move outside of the norm; to take steps outside the certainty of our comfort zone, in order to be challenged and, ultimately, grow.

A very dear friend (and amazing personal trainer) recently quoted me, "Imperfect action is better than inaction." The power of this quote is astounding, as it tackles so many ideas in such a simple and short sentence. For many of us, when we look at taking action, we freeze. Jumping outside of our comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable, and it's not a stretch to suggest that many will decide not to act in the first place because of this. Often, we will look at a rather lofty goal, and examine the distance between it and where we are currently; that gap may seem overwhelming, and as a result, many will simply not act, believing the distance to be too far to manage. Finally, so many people are wrapped up in the notion that everything they do and every step they take needs to be perfect; that kind of pressure is self-defeating, and very easily allows us to give up and not take action ("If I'm not going to do it right, I'm not going to do it at all!").

The power in the original quote stems from the simplicity of admitting that it is better to actually take action, even if it's not perfect, than be left to the doldrums of inaction. To act 'imperfectly' suggests that you may make a mistake, you may screw up, you may feel like you are further behind than you were before -- but all the while you're actually learning and growing. If we refuse to act, we hold ourselves back, negating the possibility of opportunity and success, for the (false) satisfaction and comfort of our regular routine. Action requires us to move forward -- an integral part of growth and life -- because if we do not, we stagnate. It's so easy for us to drum up innumerable excuses to not act, to convince ourselves that we are happy where we are, or that we're not capable of attaining the level of success that we are capable of. Well, all I have to say to that is, "You. Deserve. Better."

Don't be your own worst enemy and hold yourself back. Don't let the certainty and comfort of the 'routine' be a warm blanket, lest it become a 'rut'. Don't feel like every step forward must be perfect -- perfect is boring and unattainable anyway! Learn, grown, challenge yourself, live -- ACT! You'll thank yourself for it down the road.

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