What to Expect from a Future Design Coaching Session...

You've decided you'd like to make major changes in your life, moving forward in a more positive direction -- wonderful! The idea of working with a coach, someone to help put you on-track and keep you focused, interests you -- awesome! You scour the internet, ask friends and colleagues for recommendations, and try to find the best fit to help you succeed -- superb! If this sounds familiar, then you're in the right place. Many people are intrigued by the idea of working with a coach, but don't know what to expect; whilst I can't speak for others, I'd like to give you an idea of how sessions work when the two of us sit down together.

I always start every new one-on-one coaching relationship with a consultation. It's a short meet-and-greet (about 30 minutes) during which we chat, get to know each other, discuss your reasons for seeking out a coach, and assess our 'fit'. 'Fit' is probably the most crucial component during the consultation, because it really doesn't matter how motivated you are, or how amazing a coach I might be -- if our personal styles don't mesh together well, the success borne from the relationship will not be to the level that you deserve.

Once we've decided to start working together, the real fun begins! One-on-one sessions are an hour in length, and that's about as structured as I like to get with them. Everyone is different, and has different goals in mind, so I prefer to let us decide how the sessions progress, rather than force some kind of rigid pre-defined structure. We spend the majority of our sessions talking; I ask questions in ways to help you explore what you want to accomplish, and provide suggestions and insight along the way. I also employ a variety of really useful tools that don't just illuminate the reasons behind your goals, but also look at what may be holding you back from accomplishing them; based on your needs and goals, I'll choose and organize the ones that best serve you (life scripts, wellness wheels, and personal operating system assessments, just to name a few).

I love the personal approach coaching takes, and being able to tailor the sessions to every individual is both incredibly rewarding, and more meaningful to you, my client. It's my job to ask you intelligent questions, and help you discover your path moving forward. You really are the one succeeding, and playing a part in that success is what I love most about what I do!

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