The Power of Perception...

There's probably no better way to begin a blog post about perception than with this amazing quote from Anaïs Nin,

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

This rings so true and so real, my inner philosopher is doing jumping jacks with streamers flying in the background. How we perceive ourselves determines the world we experience around us, and becomes our reality. The power of perception cannot be understated, and can have significant impact on what we create and manifest in our lives.

Have you ever had a bad day -- one of those when things seem to go wrong at every turn? I know I certainly have. It takes only a few detours off the day's plan for my mind to get pulled in the direction of, "Why do bad things keep happening? Why does this always happen to me?". This trap is so very easy to fall into, and grabs many of us on a daily basis. The ironic twist is that once we shift our perception of life that day to, "everything is going wrong", we manage to pick out every situation where "wrong" is occurring. We lose our focus on success and accomplishment, and instead veer down the path of one bad thing leading into another. Beyond noticing these occurrences, we actually create them in our lives, because that negativity has become the focus of our perception.

The world we experience around us is a direct manifestation of how we perceive it. Two people living in the same position (ie. salary, accommodation, privilege) can have drastically different perceptions of that life. Where one may feel gratitude for the abundance they possess in their life (and go on to live happy and fulfilled), another may perceive scarcity and "never enough", always thirsting for more (and potentially become self-destructive in the process). Neither is right or wrong -- rather, it simply exemplifies how everyone's perception (and therefore, reality) differs from the next. So many of us fixate solely on what we perceive to be real/true/fact, we often forget that every other individual out there is doing the very same thing, with their own pair of perception glasses. Whilst we cannot experience what life is like from the direct perception of another, that does not mean we are unable to expand our own perception beyond our narrow lens.

Our perception is but a single picture amongst a myriad of others out there -- our 'truth' may not be the truth for others, and that does not mean that either of us are wrong. How we perceive the world around us is our choice. We can choose to change our perception of things -- to see things as abundant rather than scarce -- and this will dramatically change the way we experience the world.

The takeaway from all of this is that if we are willing to open ourselves to the notion that perception is fluid and changeable, and can directly impact how we experience our lives, we gain the ability to shift the direction we move in. We can choose to perceive a situation others (or even our former selves) believe to be negative as a positive -- a chance for growth and advancement. When we let go of what we've 'always been told', or even what we've told ourselves in the past, and forge a new perception that better serves us, a world of possibilities opens up before us.

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