Preview: FDCS Group Coaching Workshop!

With only a week to go before my very first group coaching workshop, I wanted to take time on this Web Wednesday to express some thoughts heading into it, and preview some of the content we'll be covering.

I'm so incredibly excited to be putting all of this together! I absolutely love what I do, and really thrive off of openness, change, growth, and transformational energy. Bringing a group of like-minded, wonderful people into one space is going to create a great atmosphere for learning.

I'm also anxious -- but in that 'good' way! I'm not nervous to speak in front of all of you -- years of giving presentations to my fellow Commerce students in my early 20's helped me conquer that fear. Rather, I'm anxious to bring this information to you because I personally know the power it can have. I normally don't speak in platitudes, but learning all of this for the first time really opened my eyes and changed my life; I felt as if I had been running through life with blinders on! I won't make claims that I'll radically alter your life in two hours, but I really hope you walk away with a better understanding of yourselves, and a willingness to be real, open, and truthful with what direction you want to go in.

Alright, now for the topics! We'll be delving into self-limiting belief, negative self-talk, and self-defeating behaviours (read here and here for a few primers). These concepts have struck a chord in me, and I am very passionate to learn whatever I can about them -- and then share it with all of you! Whilst each person will possess their own individual cache of these, the common thread is that we all have them. We all carry baggage from our past -- a great deal of which didn't choose to take on in the first place -- but we do choose to let it define our current selves. We're going to define these concepts, look at how they take root in our lives, understand why we hold onto them, and explore how to begin the process of replacing those that no longer serve you.

Lastly, I would like to express immense gratitude and thanks for all of the support you have given me. As any entrepreneur will agree, starting a business from scratch is incredibly difficult. I knew that going in, but as I said before, I absolutely love what I do (the first time I can honestly say that in my 35 years), and that passion has lit a fire that no obstacle will quench. Your love and support has been a reassurance and confirmation that I have found what I am meant to be doing at this point in my life, and I'm going to do everything I can to enrich all of yours because of it.


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