The Benefits of Working With a Coach...

It's incredibly empowering to succeed on our own, knowing that we forged our path forward; however, there comes a point where we all benefit from a little help. An exercise in vulnerability, asking for help in achieving our goals can lead to a wealth of self-discovery and success. One such avenue to finding help: hiring a coach.

As coaches (life, health, career, etc.), we provide more than just an extra set of eyes for your current situation; our individual focus into areas of expertise streamline our knowledge base, and create the most benefit for you moving forward. Speaking personally, I may not be the right coach to help you achieve your fitness goals (you can find some amazing ones here), but if self-limiting beliefs are holding you back, and you're searching for a career that lights you up, I can definitely be of service.

Numerous benefits exist within the coach / client relationship:

  • You gain the benefit of a fresh perspective, directly related to your chosen goal or direction. As mentioned above, whilst we provide more than just a second set of eyes, the outside perspective a coach can bring to the relationship will foster more creative and efficient means to help you achieve your goals.

  • Working with a coach will allow for guided direction on the path you're walking -- designing the action steps and plans with you in order to achieve success. The coach won't necessarily hand-deliver the steps, but will stand side-by-side with you through all of them.

  • With less pressure on you to do absolutely everything, you're more free to focus on, and execute, the action necessary for success. As coaches, we're trained to ask intelligent questions, meant to elicit thinking in ways you haven't before. Perhaps the solution was always there, right in front of you, but the right question had yet to be asked.

  • Accountability -- a huge component of success -- is created in the coach / client relationship. When we work with someone else on a project, we have a tendency to work more diligently, not wanting to let the other party down. Consciously or subconsciously, this attachment means there is less likelihood of us procrastinating or not really 'giving it our all'.

  • In a group setting (such as a team working on completing a project), a coach can act as a 'captain' of sorts. As an unbiased observer and contributor, the coach can help maintain productivity and forward movement by steering the group back to the success path when it gets pulled askew. A coach will help to foster collaboration and teamwork between group members, and maintain the group's focus on its end goal.

These are but a few of the many benefits that can be enjoyed when working with a coach. If you're having a difficult time finding traction on your path to success, or feel aimless and without direction, I highly recommend working with one.

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