Book Review: You Are A Badass...

Sometimes, when reading a book, things just 'click' for you. It may be the content, or the way the author tells their story, but you feel the book may have been written just for you. I can, without doubt, let you all know that I had this kind of connection when reading You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero.

Equal parts real, blunt, motivational, comedic, and sardonic, You Are A Badass is a very frank and unfiltered look at one woman's journey down the path of becoming a coach. Jen doesn't pull any punches, calling herself out on a variety of subjects -- from faking an injury to skip through yoga class to buying a car way out of her price range, and manifesting the money needed to pay it off -- and relates them in a manner that readers empathize with. She tells a story, and it's one that I found incredibly engaging, empowering, and motivational to boot.

The book is an easy read -- but don't let that fool you into thinking it's thin on substance. I found every chapter to be engaging and worthwhile, and Jen's writing style certainly contributed to that. Each chapter has its own story, and from that story, Jen pulls valuable insights to share with the reader, and teach them along the way. I don't care for reading anything that gets overly preachy or heavy-handed in its teaching moments, and wonderfully, You Are A Badass never comes close to it. There are certainly blunt and direct moments -- ones where I felt I was being called out on my own B.S. (this is a really good feeling to have, by the way) -- but they're presented in a way that encourages you to really question your own situations in order to be more introspective and productive.

I mentioned in last week's blog post that a really great way to get unstuck is to remove yourself from whatever situation you're in, and go read a chapter in a great book. Honestly, this is my go-to book right now. When reading it, I find her voice becomes my own as I look at areas in my life that need a swift kick into action, and it helps me to keep moving forward. There's something very inspirational about someone who's realized they're completely capable of getting out of their own way and succeeding, and telling you that you can do the same.

If you're looking for a really great read, and are ready to have some big 'a-ha' moments along the way, I can't recommend You Are A Badass more highly. Seldom can you find a book that so easily blends bluntness, comedy, inspiration, and motivation in a way that leaves you feeling like a real badass ready to take on the world. After reading it, I know I do!

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