How To Move From Scarcity to Abundance...

Last week, we took a look at what it means to have an abundance mindset versus a scarcity-based one, and why it's important to make the move towards abundance; this week, we'll take a look at how we can make the move.

Choose to think differently

We are not prisoners of our beliefs, thoughts, or past choices. We can, with effort, make the decision to change the way we think about the world, and choose to see things more positively and abundantly. This fundamental shift was probably the most difficult, yet absolutely necessary one I made personally. I grew tired of always defaulting to the negative. I was drained by feeling as though I needed to compete with everyone else to stand out or be significant. I wanted to own my decisions, good and bad, but not have them dictate my future actions.

It's not as easy as snapping one's fingers to change your whole mindset, but when you finally draw a figurative line in the sand with yourself and say, "Enough!", change begins. An awareness of both how you currently feel, and how you'd like to feel are great starting points; as you begin the change, be mindful of your actions, thoughts, and language, and ask yourself, "Is this serving to move me in the direction I want to go?", and carry on from there. Express gratitude; embrace forgiveness; choose to see the good in things -- all of these will help you to think in a more abundant and positive way.

Change your habits

We've looked at habits before, gaining an understanding of how they work. To make a major shift in our mindset, changing our habits is absolutely necessary -- after all, how can we hope to change ourselves if we keep doing the same things? For example: if you spend the first 30 minutes of every morning scrolling through your social media feeds lamenting all the wonderful things other people have and are doing, wondering, "Why not me?", a change is worth making. Fill your feeds with positive, inspirational, and motivational messages that drive you towards a healthier frame of mind.

I've spoken about it before, but I used to be a habitual complainer; I could find something to pick apart in, or just generally bitch about, anything. It was a long time before the realization and awareness set in that the habit of immediately tearing down a situation, or finding fault in it, did not serve me for one second. I chose to be more mindful of both my reaction to situations, but also how I approached thinking about them from the get-go. I still catch myself 'defaulting' to a complaining state every now-and-again, but I've learned (through a lot of practice at it) to not immediately give in to the impulse, or to stop and re-frame the way I'm looking at a situation. Persistence, commitment, and time are all you need to change habits in your life.

Change your social group

Change not only affects you, but those around you, too. Like attracts like, so there's a good chance if you find yourself in a scarcity mindset, that you've got a few people around you that feel the same way too. When you make the commitment to change, that very change could put you at odds with these people, especially if they are not making a similar change in themselves. I'm not suggesting that you have to dump all of your friends to find new ones, but it's important to surround yourself with like-minded people who will uplift you and embrace your change, rather than potentially pull you back into your prior state. It's said that we become a person that embodies the five closest people around us, so make your social group a good one for you.

Share what you want to receive more of

On the surface, this kind of idea seems almost counter-intuitive. Let's say I'd like to earn more money -- and your suggestion is to more freely share money that I already have? Are you crazy, Brett? Well, the answer to the second question may be 'yes', but it certainly is the answer to the first. If you want more love in your life, be more loving to everyone around you. If you want to be more successful, support the success of others. And, yes, if you want to make more money, spread around what you already have.

This was definitely a difficult concept to wrap my head around at first, because we're so frequently taught that certain things (especially money) are limited in nature. Developing this mentality is difficult because it requires a phenomenal level of trust -- trusting the good in yourself, as well as the good in others. It's really unfortunate, in my opinion, that that trust is so difficult to come by naturally; more often than not, it's due to a scarcity mindset.

Scarcity is a closed-minded and extremely guarded mentality that blocks us from the world; we feel as though we must horde all manner of things or emotions, because they only exist in a finite amount. A mindset of abundance thinks entirely the opposite: that there is plenty of whatever you seek for everyone to share. When we're prepared to let our kung-fu grip relax, we open ourselves to receiving and sharing -- and sharing is caring, people!

Recite positive and abundance-centred affirmations

When we're attempting to re-wire our minds or change habits, repetition is a key component. Repeating positive and abundant affirmations to ourselves during meditative or reflective times can really help to incorporate those feelings into us, and help to change our thought patterns. Here's a few examples of affirmations we can use:

My life is filled with prosperity in abundance.

I am grateful for all that I have.

I know that I can create the life I want.

I give generously to others and myself.

I am abundant in all areas of my life.

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