So You're Ready to Pull the Plug on Your Job...

Many of us, including myself, did not begin our working lives in careers that really fall into alignment with our passion. We took the positions out of a need for security, a fear of scarcity, because we thought it's what others expected of us, or a myriad other reasons. Regardless, we all came to a point when we decided we needed to make a change. But what kind of change do you want to make?

I have the absolute pleasure of working with someone at this exact point in his life. He was happy when he started his career, excited about all of the possibilities. That excitement faded over time as the culture in the business changed, and his passion began to fall out of alignment with his career. He found himself grinding away daily, looking into a figurative abyss with no real positive or meaningful growth continuing down the path he was going on. That's when he reached out, and we started working together.

We began exploring his passion, increasing his personal awareness, and looking for opportunities outside his current company. We were preparing him to take the leap onto a completely different path when he came to me with an interesting situation at work. He was tasked with covering a co-worker's position for a short time, in addition to his own work. Many would have perceived this as a complete annoyance, burdened and disgruntled by the additional workload. We came to a different conclusion. We looked at how, instead of a burden, this was a wonderful opportunity to expand his reach within the company; new contacts, a new department, new colleagues. It was difficult to essentially work two jobs, but he succeeded -- and that's when things really changed.

My client's willingness to seize that opportunity proved incredibly fortuitous. His ambition and genuine passion caught the attention of an individual very high up in a completely different department of the company, and he was offered a huge promotion. Because he chose to take action in a positive and passionate way, he was recruited without ever applying for the position. People. Appreciate. Value. He proved that he was a valuable team member with dynamic ability and potential; he's now "floating on cloud 9", fully embracing a new and exciting career that absolutely lights him up.

This might not be the same case that you experience. I myself had to leave the path I was walking in order to find the one I'm meant to be on. The big take away from this story is that just because you're unhappy with your job, it doesn't mean that it's time to pull the plug. That unhappiness serves as a trigger for you to be more aware of yourself, and your current state. Ask yourself:

Do opportunities exist within the scope of my current position or company that I haven't taken action on?

Has a negative mindset affected my work?

Am I holding myself back from creating more value in what I do?

If you answered, "yes", to any of these, then explore why that might be. I encourage anyone looking to quit their current position to seriously consider any possible opportunities that might be available before doing so. There were reasons behind why you took that position in the first place, and if those reasons hold any merit to you, you owe it to yourself to exhaust every possible avenue before calling it quits. At that point, if you do move onto something different, you know that you've done right by, and been truthful to, yourself.

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