Health Equals Happiness...

There's no denying it: a healthy body and healthy mind do make for a much happier human being (don't just trust me -- trust some experts). When I look back -- not so long ago -- it's not very surprising why I carried so much stress, anxiety, and unhappiness in my daily life. Not only was I neglecting my mental well-being (I've only truly discovered self improvement "properly" over the last 15 months), but I spent the majority of my life neglecting my physical health, too.

I actually began working on the physical side first. At the prompting of my amazing wife Crystal, I started working with her fitness coach / absolutely outstanding human being Matt (who happens to own the fantastic gym we go to in Saskatoon, F.I.T. Training and Wellness); and it took some serious prompting. I had never prioritized my physical and nutritional health, and was suffering for it. My constitution was sub-par, I got sick quite frequently, and I just felt like a general schmoo (technical term, of course!). It wasn't easy to change my habit of sitting around doing nothing, but the incremental gains I saw as I committed to a new habit of changing my physical health kept me motivated. I found an ability to focus that I previously did not have, and that I began to crave physical activity when I wasn't in the middle of doing it.

The focus, and change to my mindset was what really intrigued me. I felt more clear, and less stressed / anxious -- welcome changes, to be sure. Still, though, a general malaise pervaded through this improvement. Everything changed about two-and-a-half years later when I committed to self improvement in earnest. Things finally clicked into place when I realized that as much as my body needed the proper fuel and respect it deserved, that my mind and mindset did as well. I had focused only on physical health, but maintained a toxic mindset.

I've spoken with you all about how I was a habitual complainer, a notorious perfectionist, and downright negative person until not so long ago. I saw benefit in improving my physical health, but without the changes to my mindset and outlook on life, I was fighting only half the battle. Once I also committed to working on my mental health and mindset, both components fell into place; and boy-oh-boy: What. A. Difference.

My personal growth over the last 15 months has blown me away, as I continue to improve not only physically, but mentally as well. I'm now as likely to be devouring books by Lewis Howes or Brendon Burchard as I am to be in the gym, training for my next Spartan race. In discovering how much of an impact improving both my physical and mental health has been, I've radically changed the trajectory of my life. Distinctions may be made between 'mind' and 'body', but there is an undeniable connection between them, and the power and potential you create when you improve them both is utterly astounding. And the coolest part? Every single one of you can do it. All you need to do is decide to take action... and maybe partner with a coach, too!

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