Mindset is Everything...

There are a few concepts that we've explored together which have a tremendous impact on our personal growth and success. I want to highlight another huge one: mindset. The image above isn't wrong; mindset really is everything. It encompasses the way we view and interact with the world, including our actions, habits, feelings, inclinations, and intention. The smallest shift we make in our mindset can have deep and far-reaching effects on our daily lives, radically altering the path we take.

This isn't going to be a post all about positive thinking. Thinking only positive things is as folly as thinking only negative ones. Rather, it's about approaching the world in a way that acknowledges the negative, and making the choice to not let it keep you down or hold you back. Honestly, mindset has threaded its way through pretty much every post I've written, because it really impacts everything we think, feel, and do.

We see the world through our own unique perceptive lens, making numerous choices and value judgments about everything we experience. They all flow from the mindset we've chosen, and put in place. I've shared my past with all of you -- a habitual complainer, viewing the world from a mindset of nothing ever going my way, and seeing everything with a negative point of view. A self-made, and self-soothed victim. And it got me absolutely no where. I focused on all of the bad, all of the negative; and because that's what I focused on, that's what I created more of in my life. It certainly didn't feel like it at the time, but I was choosing to be that way. One of the most unfortunate circumstances a person can find themselves in is feeling they have no choice, and fooling themselves into believing that they cannot change.

It took me a long time to realize how much better my life could be with only the slightest shift in the way I viewed things. Believing that challenges and adversities were no longer impossibilities and permanent impediments, but rather, that they're means of discovering new things about myself, and opportunities for growth. It takes strength of character and real commitment to stop worrying about what could go wrong, and instead become excited about what could go right. The difference it makes, however, is phenomenal.

I'll be the first to admit that I still fall back into old, negative habits from time-to-time. Habits never really go away, after all -- we simply do our best to create new and healthy routines that supersede the old ones, and commit to making the change. But we're none of us perfect. The wonderful part of having a healthy and positive mindset? I forgive myself for these small slips, and learn from them instead of beating myself up and creating even more negativity. There's an almost indescribable pull towards and zest for life when you cease looking for scarcity, negativity, and impossibilities, and choose to see abundance, countless moments of learning, and opportunity.

The shift itself, for the majority of people, is not an easy one -- and that's not a bad thing. The easy road is seldom the one that leads to the greatest payoff. Your unique path to finding the mindset that best invites success and abundance into your life may be daunting -- winding, with all kinds of twists and turns, ups and downs. The beautiful thing is that you don't have to walk it alone. There is a coach out there for everyone; find the person who you resonate with most, and invite them to partner with you on a journey of a lifetime!

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