Why I Love Teaching...

This week, I wanted to take some time to express my gratitude and joy for teaching. You may not know this, but years ago, my desired path lay along that of a teacher. When I was completing my philosophy degree, I had the intention of taking it to the Master's or PhD level and becoming a professor. The only problem? I burned out on academia. I loved the subject matter, but the rigors of our academic system took their toll, and I found myself unable to summon the desire to move forward.

Fast-forward a decade -- or a little more -- and I find myself in an entirely different, yet somewhat familiar situation. I've found my absolute life's work and passion in coaching -- finally finding purposeful and intentional direction after 30+ years. Lo and behold, not a year went by in my new career, and I was able to fulfill the dream of my younger self and become a teacher.

I have the pleasure of being the Saskatchewan instructor for the Certified Coaches Federation™'s Certified Coach Practitioner course, helping introduce new coaches to the language of coaching, and some of the wonderful tools we use. Through the Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise® Coaching Program, I proudly serve as the host and content creator for its members' Habitual Wealth TV™ webinar series; we explore habits, neuroscience, self-limitations, and all kinds of ways to empower ourselves. Both roles allow me to serve and contribute in meaningful, powerful ways that I am so grateful for.

Teaching has been an incredible way to supplement my own personal growth and learning, and it continues to help me push my boundaries. If I'm learning something on my own, it might be easy to let it slip, or fall behind on it; when I'm teaching it, there's no way I let that happen. I've got a bit of a built-in accountability factor right there -- not a bad deal! The beautiful part is that where I may have procrastinated before on things, teaching has stoked a flame that keeps me moving towards my own learning and self-improvement goals. It's exciting to learn new things, because I get to pass them on to those I teach. It's humbling to know I'm opening a door for someone through my instruction, and to be sought out for my knowledge is equally so.

They say that those who can't do, teach. I'm not going to offer an opinion on that old phrase; rather, I'll suggest one of my own: if you can, teach. Take on a mentor role, if not one that allows you to teach on a large scale. You become so much more involved with your subject matter and what you do as a result. Your own unique perspective and amazing qualities may just make an enormous difference in someone else's life. Contribution and service are so incredibly important to me, and I can't think of a better way to give back to others than helping open a door for them, hoping that they will do the same when they're able.

Thank you, teaching -- you're awesome!

And thank you, teachers -- you're awesome too!