Going With Your Flow...

Likely, we've all heard the old idiom, "go with the flow". Often, it's used as a means of encouraging another to be calmer or to move at a slower pace. There is a markedly different way we can explore the concept of 'flow' -- one which we can strive to exist within every day of our lives -- that I'd like to explore with all of you.

The kind of 'flow state' I'm talking about is one that I can best describe "effortless action and success". Have you ever watched a pro sports event, and an athlete seems to dominate the game? Every play they make is immaculate, and they make it appear as though they're almost not even trying to be as spectacular as they are? Many refer to that state as, "being in the zone", and that's the state of flow that I'm talking about. Now, achieving this state does not guarantee that you'll be able to compete with the pinnacle of athletes in this world; rather, it means that whatever place you find yourselves in, achieving this state can allow you to have that level of success.

If you've ever been, "in the zone", you know what I'm talking about. In that level of flow, our perception of time, effort, and accomplishment change radically. I can start coaching or writing, and in what seems the blink of an eye, multiple hours have passed. When you're deeply passionate about something, and the right circumstances exist, that state of flow allows you to enter an uninterrupted period of breakthrough and accomplishment, seemingly with no effort at all. I like to describe 'flow' as the intersection between synchronicity and serendipity, and I'll explain why.

Synchronicity is, to me, the alignment of our internal state to our external one. That my awareness of myself and what is occurring externally are moving in unison; I'm not feeling any notion of 'have to' -- only the knowledge that I'm in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. And how does that right place and right time come along? Serendipity, my friends! Serendipity is finding that right moment or place exactly when you need to experience it. It's the universe giving me exactly what I need, and what I've asked for (manifested). When these two intersect, the state of flow is nothing short of magical.

These situations occur all the time, and it's up to us to prepare ourselves to grab on and jump into them. Through self-awareness, we gain more insight into what we're passionate about, and what drives us. Through gratitude and positivity, we focus on accepting what is presented and given to us, and create the states which we most desire. Through a willingness to act, we embody that state of flow, instead of letting it pass us by.

Tap into yourself. Pay attention to what moves and pulls you. Keep an open mind, and through your intention, take action on those moments where synchronicity intersects serendipity. Go with your flow, my friends, because there's no feeling like it!