The Path of Self Discovery...

I love learning -- always have. It's why I spent so much time in school, and definitely why I pursued a degree in philosophy (thinking deep thoughts about being unemployed sure didn't sound like a viable financial future, haha!). I've always found myself inquisitive, and asking questions about how something works, or why something is. Discovering the realm of personal development opened up an entirely new world of learning, and one that is intensely personal; instead of learning about the external world, I've begun to really learn more about myself. It's been an entirely fascinating and intriguing experience.

For all the questioning I did of the world around me, I really didn't question a lot of what was going on internally. Seldom did I think about why I had a certain habit, or what reason there was for holding onto a specific belief. It can be difficult at times to be shine an introspective light internally, as we're "in" our lives living them, and picking out specific circumstances isn't something we normally do.

Through the majority of my youth, I lived in a very innocent/naive state. I was gullible to an almost comical state, as I was quick to trust what others said -- especially if I trusted the person speaking to me. I severely lacked in the intuition department -- or, at the very least, had a lot of difficulty tapping into it. Perhaps it was youthful naivete, or the fact that I'm primarily an audio learner, and a lot of non-verbal queues tend to sneak past me. Either way, I've never felt connected to a sense of intuition that grounded me and left me feeling present. That is, until I discovered coaching.

I'm not sure what, exactly, helped to trigger the change, but it's one that I'm entirely aware of. I'm sure it's a combination of things that have led to a more intimate attachment to my intuition, but I've learned that I do, in fact, possess it, and that it can be pretty spot-on. I actually remember the moment that I fully realized it, and it was in the middle of a coaching session, helping a client to an 'a-ha' moment of their own. My observation came so naturally to me, that it was effortless; the observation hit my client like a crashing wave, however, and it helped spark a real moment of clarity for them. Reflecting on this, I came to the realization that I had always possessed the ability to tap into my intuition -- only that I required the right setting and level of personal growth to achieve it. It was all about breaking down limitation and barrier in my own mind, and freely letting myself become present.

I've experienced similar breakthroughs when at the gym or running a Spartan Race -- pushing past physical limitations I hadn't thought myself capable of attaining. All of these have come at times when I've been open and ready to explore myself and push beyond what limiting factors I may hold in place. Learning about myself and what I'm capable of transcends the question of "why?", and asks that I invest time and energy into discovering what is actually possible. Taking action; letting go of previous belief or limitation; kicking fear to the curb for a moment; making a leap of faith -- faith in myself. Putting a real focus on what is possible, and not what it is that I cannot do.

Have you experienced moments like these in your life? Small moments of clarity and awareness that have enormous repercussions for you moving forward? These learning moments are beautiful and awesome in scope, as they can answer questions you may not even realize you had. I invite you to share them, as they help to tell the story of who you are, and encourage others to set out on their own journey of self-discovery.